Apathy, dignity, and homelessness

An old editorial from the March 2014 issue of the Central Circuit

Central Circuit

By Josh Kelety | Campus News Editor

It was a warm August night. I was shooting the breeze with a former classmate from my hometown at a local park, laughing about various high school memories ranging from alcohol-fueled antics to another classmate who ejaculated while observing a couple engage in passionate behavior at a school dance. It was a comic atmosphere.

During the course of our conversation the classmate mentioned that on his way to the park he encountered a homeless man passed out under a bush with an unattended backpack at his feet. With a tone of genuine regret my classmate casually said that he should have made off with the man’s backpack due to a protruding bottle of vodka in the bag.

He viewed that bag as being up for grabs just because the owner was homeless. But it wasn’t.

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