Too little, too late

An article of mine published in the November 2014 issue of the Central Circuit on pay equity issues for Seattle Central College employees, as well as the under-funding of community colleges in general.

Central Circuit

Classified Staff Struggle with Pay Equity Issues

By Josh Kelety

Originally published in the November 2014 issue. 

Orson Williamson is the only facilities electrician at Seattle Central. In his words, he is “always putting out ‘fires’” on campus. One such fire was the flooding of several computer labs on the third floor of the Broadway Edison building on Friday October 18th, due to busted piping. The water damage was extensive. The power had to be shut off, the water removed, and computer servers dried out and tested for functionality before the coming Monday, when students would need access to the labs. The epitome of a royal mess.

For Williamson, dealing with situations like the flood are just a day in the life. “Those [kinds of] issues come up all the time,” he said.

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