Recap: the Hill’s gentrification conversation continues and “secret shoppers” reveal Washington health insurance companies are misleading customers on contraceptive coverage


Recent reporting:

– A recent ‘sting’ study produced by the National Abortion Rights Action League [NARAL] and Northwest Health Law Advocacy [NoHLA] revealed that numerous health insurance providers in Washington are providing misleading and inaccurate information about contraceptive coverage, with some even charging copays for FDA-approved methods—a practice that is illegal under the Affordable Care Act. Over at Publicola we reported on the study’s findings, and the Washington Health Insurance Commissioner’s response. Check out my write-up (the first item) in last Thursday’s morning fizz. We tried calling the eight sample companies for comment, but none of them warmed up to us.

Page two of the NARAL/NoHLA study executive summary, highlighting the findings

Page two of the NARAL/NoHLA study executive summary, highlighting the findings

– The Hill’s ongoing gentrification conversation continued at last Thursday’s “Gentrification Forum” organized by the Capitol Hill Community Council. The panel featured a panel of long-time community members and Seattle Times reporter Tricia Ramano, who wrote the recent front-page story on changes in the neighborhood such as the unprecedented real estate development, influx of capital, and bar going “bros” who stumble around the Pike/Pine corridor on the weekends. You can read my reporting on the meeting here. Also peep the (mostly) legitimately civil comments.

– Over at Publicola we thought it would be fun to call up a few of the long-shot applicants—e.g a male model trained in jiu jitsu and a sheet metal worker—for the “care taker” Sally Clark’s recently vacated city council seat and find out what makes them tick. Here’s what they said. UPDATE: today eight finalists were released, one of whom will be selected on Friday, Publicola editor Josh Feit reports (spoiler: the male model is not among the finalists).

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