Seattle Weekly

Car tab bill could slash mass transit funding

Ballot initiative threat has energy industry warming to governor’s carbon tax plan

We got asked to invest in a Capitol Hill apartment building. So we went to talk to tenants the tenants about it

Meet the brash and brilliant lawyer who won’t leave Mayor Ed Murray alone

The Centralia Chronicle

Washington Democrats push labor union-friendly bills while Republicans cry foul play

Bill to tax oil pipelines, update state oil spill plans advances in state Senate

Washington’s health insurance market in flux

Back in the majority, Senate Democrats moving fast to pass backlogged bills

Everett Herald

Legislation to limit opioid prescriptions under debate

Kent Reporter

Governor rolls out carbon tax proposal and Republicans balk

PubliCola | Seattle Met

Safe consumption sites move ahead despite opposition

Black lives matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders speech at Westlake

Segregation by design? Housing committee members see race in current zoning

The Stranger

Faces of the Somali remittance crisis

The Seattle Globalist

Amazon prayer rooms now available to Muslim security contract employees

Real Change News

Moving on up: In Rainier Beach, community members say the maligned neighborhood is ready to throw off its bad rep

A matter of trust: Already concerned with police accountability, protesters don’t feel safe in the presence of police

The Jakarta Post

Mampang squatters evicted to widen river

Clean water a luxury at Pluit low-cost apartments







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