PubliCola | Seattle Met

Once again, Democrats turn to courts to challenge latest Eyman initiative 11.11.2016

Black lives matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders speech at Westlake 08.10.2015

Hookah blowback: Murray’s crackdown on hookah lounges draws criticism from the East African community 08.06.2015

Segregation by design? Housing committee members see race in current zoning 07.20.2015

The Stranger

Faces of the Somali remittance crisis 07.15.2015

Real Change News

Cross examination: a standardized test puts teachers and students at odds with education officials 04.01.2015

Moving on up: In Rainier Beach, community members say the maligned neighborhood is ready to throw off its bad rep 02.15.2015

A matter of trust: already concerned with police accountability, protesters don’t feel safe in the presence of police 01.21.2015

Jakarta Post

Mampang squatters evicted to widen river 08.09.2014

Illegal vendors face ongoing evictions, expulsions 08.09.2014

Central Circuit

Too little, too late November 2014 Issue

Educational philosophies compete within college May 2014 Issue

$15 minimum wage marches on April 2014 Issue

Independent Reporting

The life and death of a bill which would’ve split the Seattle school district 03.30.2015

In pictures: housing, class, and mass evictions in Jakarta 01.05.2015





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