Criminal Justice

The Spokane City Council wants to see a video from a controversial arrest, but the police department has so far kept it under wraps

As Spokane reels from a graphic video of a violent arrest, some law enforcement experts and attorneys say the involved officer went too far

Why some officials say Spokane Police are too quick to sicc their dogs on suspects

Questions surround a fatal officer-involved shooting, including whether a new law will be put to the test

Sex, violence, transparency, race. How is the Spokane Police Department doing under Chief Craig Meidl?

The benefits — and potential steep costs — of adding video visitation at Spokane County’s jail facilities 

After a string of inmate deaths inside the Spokane County Jail, an outside expert calls for reforms

Why medication for opioid addiction is smuggled into the Spokane County Jail via mail more than any other drug

For roughly eight months, inmates wanting opioid addiction treatment in the Spokane County Jail couldn’t get it 

Spokane County is interested in privatizing the Public Defender Office; is that a good idea?

A new program pairs mental health specialists with police officers in hopes of directing toward help — rather than jail

A Spokane Police detective alleges that he’s the one in hot water after pointing out errors in another cop’s work

Despite voter-approved measure making labor bargaining public, Spokane Police Guild negotiations to remain closed

King County and Seattle courts use cash bail to incarcerate defendants before trial. Should the system be reformed?



Tony Williams was a respected local drug counselor helping others get clean. He was also, Spokane Police say, a ‘mid-level’ dealer pushing meth and heron

After battling King County government for decades, Charles Pillon may have finally lost the fight over his 10-acre junkyard



The political invulnerability of King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg

Meet the brash and brilliant lawyer who won’t leave Ed Murray alone


City News & Politics

An alt-right figure who pushed Pizzagate conspiracy theory finds allies among Kootenai County Republicans

Seattle Mariners won’t renew Safeco Field lease without county taxpayer funds

A Seattle non-profit houses several immigrant youths who were separated from their parents at the border. But for how long? 

Is a city income tax legally feasible in Seattle? Your burning questions, answered!

Black lives matter protesters shut down Bernie Sanders speech at Westlake

Is the City of Seattle backing down from oil divestment?


State Government

Washington’s tax system disproportionately impacts middle and low income families. Could state lawmakers change that this year?

Lawmakers face backlash over public records bill

Behind the scenes of the governor’s veto of the public records bill

Democratic lawmakers unveil conflicting budget proposals

Car tab bill could slash Sound Transit funding

Ballot initiative threat has energy industry warming to governor’s carbon tax plan 


Housing & Transit

We got asked to invest in a Capitol Hill apartment building. So we went to talk to tenants about it

With ridership declining, we hop on the bus with one big question in mind: Where is the Spokane Transit Authority headed?

The visionary trying to reinvent the old Ridpath faces a criminal indictment; what that means for the project and the people already living there

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