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Recap: the Hill’s gentrification conversation continues and “secret shoppers” reveal Washington health insurance companies are misleading customers on contraceptive coverage


Recent reporting:

– A recent ‘sting’ study produced by the National Abortion Rights Action League [NARAL] and Northwest Health Law Advocacy [NoHLA] revealed that numerous health insurance providers in Washington are providing misleading and inaccurate information about contraceptive coverage, with some even charging copays for FDA-approved methods—a practice that is illegal under the Affordable Care Act. Over at Publicola we reported on the study’s findings, and the Washington Health Insurance Commissioner’s response. Check out my write-up (the first item) in last Thursday’s morning fizz. We tried calling the eight sample companies for comment, but none of them warmed up to us.

Page two of the NARAL/NoHLA study executive summary, highlighting the findings

Page two of the NARAL/NoHLA study executive summary, highlighting the findings

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Late post: photo essay from 11/24 Seattle #Ferguson protests


Photos of mine from last Monday’s protests over the #Ferguson grand jury ruling not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting unarmed black male Michael Brown featured on the PubliCola blog at Seattle Met. March remained peaceful until clashes erupted between Police & protesters as protesters tried to march onto the I-5 freeway via an on-ramp. Read CHS blog coverage here, and watch video of the incident taken by me below.

More shots & video from the rest of last week’s protests coming soon.

Artist’s giant hands getting ready to join kissing jets in Capitol Hill Station


There will be hands! Lots of hands! Huge fucking white hands! Check out my piece for the Capitol Hill Seattle blog on local cartoonist Ellen Forney and her project of creating massive murals to be displayed in the Capitol Hill Sound Transit light rail station.

Late post: Capitol Hill’s red wall is finally coming down


I can’t remember Capitol Hill without the red wall that obscured the soon to be complete Sound Transit light rail station from public view, but it is finally coming to the end of its days. Read my post on the CHS blog to find out what might happen to the murals and art exhibitions lining its exterior.

East precinct commander gives updates on Pike/Pine push


Latest piece for CHS on SPD’s update regarding their response to the recent crime surge in the Pike/Pine and Cal Anderson park areas. Murray’s response? More officers and money for SPD to address issues in Capitol Hill and Downtown. Hopefully the CD, which has seen numerous recent shootings, will get some of that attention. Stay tuned.

Crime blotter for Jan 31st – Febuary 7th

By Josh Kelety

Last week was a slow one for the campus security office with only one incident logged and reported. Stay tuned for next week’s blotter post.


Student stuck in dysfunctional elevator, 02/06

At 10:30 AM campus security was notified that a student was stuck in a elevator located at the north end of the Broadway Edison building.  After verifying via intercom that someone was in fact in the elevator, officers pried upon the doors and freed the student.