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Recap: First Hill streets to get a makeover, contempt of the homeless is thinly veiled by hygiene concerns, and SPD protest tactics deepen mistrust of police


This overdue post brings you a smattering of recent projects that I’ve produced or worked on in some capacity over the past three weeks:

  • My photography was published alongside several nimby stories in the January 14th issue of Real Change News: one on the ACLU condemned attempt by the City of Burien to criminalize poor hygiene, and the other regarding Ballard residents squawking at the prospect of having low-income or homeless people frequenting a under construction urban rest stop in the area. Both articles were written by RCN staff reporter Aaron Burkhalter.

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Artist’s giant hands getting ready to join kissing jets in Capitol Hill Station


There will be hands! Lots of hands! Huge fucking white hands! Check out my piece for the Capitol Hill Seattle blog on local cartoonist Ellen Forney and her project of creating massive murals to be displayed in the Capitol Hill Sound Transit light rail station.